My experience at Montgomery AL Food Stamp Office – Lucy

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Lucy

Your Experience: I was put on hold for a total of 20 mins immediately after making my selection of where my call should be directed….HORRIBLE!!! Im disabled and only needed to request a form be printed out that disability is asking for,, and got the run-a-round of the CENTURY!! The workers are disrespectful, rude, slow and UNPROFESSIONAL……and thats BEFORE they even know what you want! Geesh, smh….this is ridiculous. All this and still dnt have the ONE simple thing I called for………they act as though you’re beneath them or something.

Your Food Stamp Office City: Montgomery

Your Food Stamp Office State: Alabama

Your Wait Time: 20 mins

Time: December 3, 2015 at 10:40 am

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