My experience at Surprise AZ Food Stamp Office

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Karen Daley
Your Experience: I recently turned in changes as to increased utility bills.  But, I only receive $16 a month.  I knew that it was not enough, but the sassy worker told me that I was getting what I should.  Well, the point being is that I have been retired on disability since 2002.  And I have never received credit for disability income level.  I have moderate stenosis (after tx)because of an accident where I needed a walker to walk more than 75 ft. or thereabouts.  I have had diabetes for 25 years and I stopped working because I couldn’t drive safely after working full time all day.  I had to pull over so that I didn’t pass out form either low or high blood glucose.  I have been receiving SSD, but now I am 68, and from AZ ST, I receive even lower income because I transitioned from LTD based on my last FT job with State, to ASRS pension which made my income go down to $237 from State.  The income limit for one disabled person in home, is $1605/month.  I only receive $1285 total from SSD and pension.  So, I know now that my SNAP benefit should be increased.  And I should have been getting more than the minimum for 5 1/2 years, since 2009 when I went from the LTD to pension amount.  So, can you fix this?  I have had to go to the food bank for a few months now.
Your Food Stamp Office City: Surprise
Your Food Stamp Office State: Arizona
Your Wait Time: 2 hours with no service

Time: September 26, 2015 at 11:05 pm

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