My experience Aurora CO at Food Stamp Office – Jeannette

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Jeannette S………
Your Experience: I am homeless and back in March of this year I sent in the application to ask for stamps again, and on the envelope I wrote because allow me emergency stamps.

I have live in my car for 2 years, have no money except the $650 that I was getting and starting August first will go down to $250, because I am only going to get help from one sibling.

I was discriminated against, and this is causing me further harm, stress etc because in all of the years I have used food stamps I have never had this much of a hassle.

I am being told that I do not qualify for emergency stamps which I don’t understand since I don’t have money.

Now, Ms. Raddatz wants to know if I am getting $650 a month from my family for some reason when I use that money to pay for gas, car insurance, cell phone and now am having to use the money to buy  food because she refuses to give me emergency stamps.

I don’t know what to do anymore. She told me that I can go to the office and get some dried food that won’t parish if it’s in my car since I have no place to keep anything cold.
This is amazing.
Your Food Stamp Office City: Aurora
Your Food Stamp Office State: CO
Your Wait Time: 3 months

Time: June 16, 2015 at 7:11 pm

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