I have had an appt for recertification for food stamp, they are asking for more info

Q) I have had an appt for recertification for food stamp and gave my only income which is Social Security. But they are asking for more info. Nothing has changed in my finances. I’m 63 yrs old with no transportation. Can someone call me.

A) It is possible that the agency responsible for administering the food stamp program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP) may require additional information or documentation to verify your eligibility for benefits, even if your financial situation has not changed.

They might be asking for more information to verify that you are still eligible for the program. You should contact the agency again and ask to speak to a supervisor or someone who can help you with your recertification. Explain your situation and that you have already provided all the information you have, and that you are not able to provide additional documentation due to lack of transportation. Provide your case number, contact information and mention that you are 63 years old and cannot come to their office.

It’s possible that they may be able to help you with the process over the phone or by mail, or they may be able to assist you with transportation to the office if that is required. If you continue to have difficulty, you may want to reach out to a local legal aid organization or an advocacy group that can provide assistance with the recertification process.

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