Person been selling his food stamp or swap his food stamp with alcohol. Can he do that?

Q) Person has been selling his food stamp and reported his card missing every month or swap his food stamp with alcohol. Can he do that?

A) It is illegal to sell or trade your SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits or use them to buy non-food items like alcohol. This is considered fraud and abuse of the SNAP program.

If this person has been selling his SNAP benefits or using them to buy alcohol, he could face serious consequences, including fines, jail time, and disqualification from the program. Additionally, reporting his card as lost or stolen every month to get a new one is also considered fraud and could lead to similar consequences.

It’s important to remember that the SNAP program is intended to help low-income individuals and families afford nutritious food. Misusing the program takes resources away from those who truly need them and is a violation of the law. If you suspect someone of SNAP fraud or abuse, you can report it to your local SNAP office or to the USDA’s SNAP Fraud hotline.

If you see or hear about SNAP fraud, tell us. Help us protect your tax dollars.

FNS takes aggressive measures to fight all fraud. We appreciate the help of concerned citizens

Fraud reports of any kind may be filed with the USDA Office of Inspector General.

(800) 424-9121
(202) 690-1622
(202) 690-1202 (TDD)
United States Department of Agriculture Office of Inspector General PO Box 23399 Washington, DC 20026-3399
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You can also report fraud to your State. This is especially important if you think that someone lied about their income or assets, or is misusing their benefits.

Your report is confidential.

Help us Fight SNAP Fraud.

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