SNAP office not responding back to my request I have put in writing.

Q) Would someone call me back concerning problems I am having with my local SNAP office. Not responding back to my request I have put in writing which I had faxed, hand delivered and mailed to that office on June 03, 2019.
Requesting why my monthly benefits were reduced from $194.00 down to $37.00. I also spoke to someone in that office on the phone and they said they could tell me only verbal, not in writing, this is why I put this request in writing myself.

How can I dispute or ask for a fair hearing if I do not know the why’s?
This way I could get help to get the information to rectify this problem and dispute it the proper way.
James .

A) James if you cannot reach your local social service/Food Stamp office by phone you may want to consider visiting the office and discuss your benefit change with a counselor.

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