Will the balance of my SNAP benefits expire?

unemployed_questionA) Yes, the balance of your SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits can expire if they are not used within a certain timeframe.

SNAP benefits are typically issued on a monthly basis and are available to use for one year from the date they are issued. For example, if your benefits are issued on March 1, 2023, you will have until February 28, 2024 to use them.

It’s important to note that any unused benefits remaining at the end of the month will carry over to the following month. However, any unused benefits that are older than one year will expire and will no longer be available to use.

To avoid losing benefits, it’s a good idea to plan your grocery shopping and use your benefits before they expire. You can also check your current SNAP balance by logging into your account on your state’s SNAP program website, using the EBT card balance phone number, or by checking your most recent grocery store receipt.

After one year unused benefits will expire. – Any benefits that you have remaining in your SNAP account will remain on your EBT card for up to one year. If you do not use your EBT card at all for one year, the State will Permanently remove your SNAP benefits from your EBT account.

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