Alabama Food Stamp Income Qualification

Alabama Food Stamp Income Qualification limits will vary according to your household size. Alabama Households that contain no elderly or disabled individuals must meet both the gross (income before deduction) and the net income (income after allowable deductions) limits. If your Alabama households contain an elderly individual (age 60 or over) or a disabled individual your house hold income must meet only the net income limits.

You can See table below for both the net and gross income limits according to household size in Alabama. Your house hold income includes wages, salaries, commissions, social security benefits, SSI, veteran’s benefits, child support, contributions, unemployment compensation, etc.

Monthly Income Eligibility Limits Effective 10/01/2013-09/30/2014 

Alabama Household Size Monthly Gross Income Monthly Net Income Limits  
1 $1,245  $ 958   
2 $1,681 $1,293   
3 $2,116 $1,628   
4 $2,552 $1,963   
5 $2,987 $2,298   
6 $3,423 $2,633  
7 $3,858 $2,968   
8 $4,294 $3,303   
Add another Member $436 $335 

Alabama House Hold Resources. According to Alabama Social Service website – Most Alabama households are not subject to a resource limit. The maximum allowable resource limits for households that contain a disqualified member shall not exceed $2000 ($3250 for households containing an elderly or disabled member). Resources include cash on hand, bank accounts, stocks, savings bonds, etc.

Alabama Food Stamp Income Qualification 
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Alabama Food Stamp Program – Alabama Food Stamp Website provides information on the state Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).
For further information, contact your local Alabam Food Stamp (SNAP) or State office Or call Alabama State’s SNAP Hotline at 334-242-1310

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