My experience at AL Food Stamp Office – Mary

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Mary Millner
Your Experience: I have been waiting on my card that was ordered on 8/11/2015 and mailed out the following day. I have yet to receive that card being told, on several calls daily for the past week,give it a couple of more days.Trying my best to be patient and do what I was told I couldn’t wait any longer so I c add led to cancel and just order another card. The address the customer service provided was correct however, when I asked the representative to spell the street name and of course it is spelled incorrectly. Wondering why no one asked to verify that spelling on any other call? Poor customer service I’d toy ask me. I was asked by the rep if the address I have was where the card would be sent and I asked him if it could be sent to another address ,since he couldn’t update it to the correct spelling that was provided on the leases copy to be entered in.I dint understand how the spelling would be wrong if I provided the correct one with a lease. I have not had food for months and have to wait on a card that I don’t know when it will come. Its almost time to be reloaded and I don’t have access any of my resources for food.I wish there was a better way of handling that.
Your Food Stamp Office City: bham
Your Food Stamp Office State: Alabama
Your Wait Time: 2weeks

Time: August 25, 2015 at 10:58 pm

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