My experience at Anniston AL Food Stamp Office – Rebecca

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Rebecca A. Pelphrey
Your Experience: I have been treated with respect and allowed to retain my diginity through-out the entire process. I have received timely notification of any changes to my foodstamps in a timely manner. This has made a signiificant diffrence in my health as I am a diabetic (Type 2) and control it with diet as well as medication and insulin. My EBT Snap card has been stolen and I do not know how to eport this or possibly get another card issued by the 10th of this month; when I usually receive my benefits and would be in serious jeopardy with my dietary restrictions and health if I cannot get the stamps. Thank you or your help.  Sincerely, Rebecca A. Pelphrey
Your Food Stamp Office City: Anniston
Your Food Stamp Office State: Alabama
Your Wait Time: maybe 2 min.

Time: August 6, 2015 at 12:50 am

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