My experience at Montgomery AL Food Stamp Office – Latrina

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Latrina L Womack
Your Experience: I turned in my documents to a worker,she stamped with a red stamp. I waited patiently. The results a month later, a letter came saying I didn’t turn my documents in time. I called and talked to someone and was treated unfair. I have always worked, for 15 years straight, had a hardship, and I got treated like I was not important. I work part-time, while my son goes to a  GED program at Trenholm. I was doing what I was instructed to get assistance with food and got treated unfair. I felt like I didn’t deserve this because, I have always worked and treat people fair. The system of the food stamp program disappointed me, and I was voicing my experience. Thank you, Latrina Womack.
Your Food Stamp Office City: Montgomery
Your Food Stamp Office State: Alabama
Your Wait Time: 2 months

Time: June 25, 2015 at 12:16 am

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