My experience at Robertsdale AL Food Stamp Office – Jennifer

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Jennifer D.
Your Experience: My food stamp worker calls me at 9:30 pm she didn’t add my income correctly adding a hundred dollars to my gross incfory 6 month report I went to office on the twenty fourth of April 2015 sent my husbands ssi statement and more checks stubs I grossed 1308.00 and the report stated I made 1408 for March 2015 I am a monthly reporter for my spouses ssi and i gave that statement on April 24 I have called the office no one calls me back my proof has been stamped with the date. Now my income is 200 dollars less for April I am the working poor and I don’t think that I deserve to be ignored. I have access to a lawyer and plan to use him if this is not resolved. I am 48 yrs old five feet six inches and 98 lbs I have a lump growing on the back of my head.this is stopping my from freeing up money for a doctor my grandmother died of brain cancer I just need to go to a doctor bad

And 98 lbs my caseworker is #*** my case # is 2***********7 my number is 2**-2**-0****
Your Food Stamp Office City: Robertsdale
Your Food Stamp Office State: AL
Your Wait Time: 3 weeks

Time: May 13, 2015 at 2:39 am

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