Hi i moved, my rent now is 215 dollars will my food stamps go up?

Q) Hi i moved on the 22nd but my rental agreement says the 3rd of march and i cant change my bills over till i pay bills my rent now is 215 dollars will my food stamps go up

A) When SNAP decides the amount of your benefit, they consider the size of your household, your income, and some of your expenses. They take expenses like housing, child care, and medical expenses (for elderly and disabled people) into account when they look at your income by giving you a credit for certain, necessary expenses.

They subtract these credits, called “deductions,” from your income, so your “countable income” is lower. Once they have calculated your countable income, they compare it to your household size to determine your monthly SNAP benefit. Generally, the lower your countable income, the higher your benefit will be.  Source: http://www.lsnjlaw.org/Government-Aid-Services/Food-Hunger-Nutrition/Food-Stamps/Pages/SNAP-Benefits-Utility.aspx#.WpWHdOinG00

Please consult your SNAP agency and inform them that your housing expense has gone up.



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