My experience at Peoria Il Food Stamp Office

Your Name (Can be Anonymous): Nikita P.
Your Experience: My statement is I did my phone interview on 4-1-2015 an I received a letter from DHS with the date 4-04-2015 stating that I need to send the following information to my caseworker by the 4-14-2015 which was the information of my son Deshawn P****** who attends college an other income for him… which I did I went to the child support office and got a print out… of the child support payments and when the payments had stopped… my snap date is on the 10the of each month … Now here goes the next part I received a letter from DHS shortly after I took the information into the office stating that the reason for me not to be getting any assistance and why…I goes to the office on 5-7-2015 with the same information I gave them on the 4-14-2015…I asked to speak to the supervisor as I did in January of 2015 …They said that they don’t have assigned caseworker anymore and I had to see a. Caseworker and the caseworker I had tht morning was Ms Barend ,or Ms Bernard … and when I saw her she said what can I do for you today an I told her that I was hereto see what was going on about my snap benefit an I told her that i had brought information into the office on the 4-14-2015 and she told me tht they don’t have any information that I had brought in an I told her that ths place has camera an I also told her the Secretary I spoke with and the caseworker told me that they don’t have any thing from me and tht I had to go from the date tht I came n to see her which was the 5-5-2015…an I told her that i want to appeal my case…so she gave me the appeal sheet to fill out n leave it with the Secretary at the front desk and I did tht…Today I call back 5-11-2015 to see when my snap benefit will be on an the caseworker I had on the phne told me that it was too soon…because I had appealed it…in to remind you that I did everything before the 4-14-2015 …its almost a month and why do I have to pay for their mistakes and I really want to know who do I talk to about this an you can only go to the food pantry once a month…it’s not fair …3096457648 is my number wht dothey exspect me to do…
Your Food Stamp Office City: Peoria County 211 Fulton St.Ste 300 Peoria Il 61602
Your Food Stamp Office State: Peoria County FCRC 211 Fulton St.Ste 300 Peoria Il 61602
Your Wait Time: 1 1/2 hr.

Time: May 11, 2015 at 5:16 pm

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