My experience at Terre Haute IN Food Stamp Office – Aaron

Name (Can be Anonymous): Aaron Atterson

Your Experience: We were at the Fort Harrison office today. It was myself, my 1 year old son, and my 7 year old son with severe autism. I had my one year old in my arms and my seven year old was playing with a snoopy happy meal toy on someones desk, not being too disruptful. Across the room a large african-american woman began to yell at my child and telling me to “discipline my son”. I did not get her name but I wish I would have. I had told him, but he is autistic and usually doesn’t listen well. She continued to say “autism isn’t an excuse for his behavior,but people use autism as an excuse for bad behavior.” This woman is obviously is ignorant to the subject and not intelligent in general. Her words were hurtful, unsympathetic, and just plain dumb. I’m very angry I pay her wages and hope she loses her job or takes time to learn what autism is before she opens her big mouth again.

Thank You

Aaron Atterson

Your Food Stamp Office City: Terre Haute

Your Food Stamp Office State: Indiana

Your Wait Time: 10

Time: December 7, 2015 at 4:46 pm

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