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Kansas Food Stamp Offices

Kansas Food Stamp Offices administrates your local Program under Kansas State guidelines. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Food Stamp helps low-income families buy food. SNAP food stamps can be used to buy food items in supermarkets, convenience stores, and farmers’ markets.  

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915 SW Harrison St.
Overland Park
8915 Lenexa Drive
615 n. Kansas
230 East William
410 Commercial
1500 W. 7th
1135 S. Country Club Dr.
215 East Maple
1501 East 6th St.
Dodge City
1509 Avenue P
El Dorado
410 N Haverhill
1701 Wheeler
Fort Scott
710 West 8th Street
Garden City
1710 Palace Drive
104 West HWY 24
Great Bend
1305 Patton Road,
116 South Pine
3000 Broadway
810 Oregon
600 Andrew Ave
200 Arco Place
406 North Buckeye
Junction City
1010 West 6th Street
Kansas City
402 State Ave, 
1901 Delaware
515 Limit
2709 Amherst
406 N. 3rd Street
218 East Kansas
411 Washington
616 Brown
2231 South Elm
300 N. 17th
111 E Hwy 36
320 South Broadway
400 South Main
901 Westchester Dr
1809 South Main

Kansas Food Stamp Office Tips:

  • Show Up Early: Local food stamp or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program offices are sometimes crowded. You must understand that in this economy there are many people in need of Food Stamp benefits. So be patient, you will be seen. 
  • Be prepared to wait: With lots of people at your local (SNAP) Food Stamp office, if you are late you will have to wait. the best way to avoid the long lines, so get to the office early.
  • Bring a snack:  If you have kids with you, they may get hungry so bring a snack. You don’t want to miss your number being called because you went out to buy a snack.
  • Keep a Cool Head: With lots of people at the local (SNAP) food stamp office waiting to be seen it’s easy to get frustrated and loose you cool. Remember that your social service office counselors are there to assist you. Keeping a cool head and being courteous will help speed the process along.

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Kansas Food Stamp Income Qualification

Kansas Food Stamp Online Application

Kansas Food Stamp Allotment

For further information, contact your local Kansas Food Stamp (SNAP) or State office Or call Kansas State’s SNAP Hotline at 1-888-369-4777

Applying for Food Stamp or SNAP benefits

To apply for Food Stamp or SNAP benefits contact your local (SNAP) food stamp office office. Each State program has their own application form. If your State’s form is not on the web yet, you may need to contact your local food stamp office to request one.

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  1. I received a voicemail Monday, informing me that I would have a food stamp phone interview Wednesday April 22, 2020. Waited around all day and no one called. This system is so ridiculous, not that I can ever get assistance, but in the midst of this pandemic the lack of assistance is extremely alarming! I’ve been out of work since the beginning of March and have been applying since. I filed a complaint the week prior and then I suddenly got that voicemail about an appointment, but the office never called. How is a government funded division so unorganized?

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