applied for assistance .. lost my job over one month ago

A) I’m sorry to hear that you lost your job. It can be tough to deal with financial difficulties while also dealing with the stress of unemployment. If you’ve applied for assistance, it’s important to stay patient and persistent while waiting for a response.

Depending on the type of assistance you applied for, the response time can vary. Some programs may have a quicker turnaround, while others may take longer to process. In the meantime, there are a few steps you can take to help manage your finances and potentially access other resources:

  1. Apply for unemployment benefits if you haven’t already. You may be eligible for financial assistance while you search for a new job.
  2. Contact your creditors and explain your situation. Some companies may be willing to work with you to adjust your payment schedule or offer other assistance.
  3. Look for local food banks or other community resources that can provide assistance with food or other basic needs.
  4. Consider reaching out to local job training or career services programs that can help you update your resume or develop new skills to make you more marketable to employers.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this situation, and there are resources available to help you through this difficult time. Keep trying to reach out to the assistance program you applied for and keep exploring other options.

Comment: I can identify with this story. I’m experiencing the same difficulties. I have left a message each day with no return call. I have applied for assistance because I lost my job over one month ago and I am having the same issues with the Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance…no reply, call or email. Even if I don’t qualify for assistance, a response would be appreciated so I can continue researching other options. Unfortunately, there are other families who are in need of emergency assistance, however and fortunately,they have received assistance from SNAP for food, help with utility bills, etc. I have been unsuccessful in receiving any type of assistance leaving me with no income for well over a month. My applications have been unanswered, phone calls ignored as well as emails sent to the appropriate agencies. I am 58 years old with a disability and I have working for many years not needing help until recently and I can’t even get temporary help, not even a response of any kind. The key words are temporary and emergency while I know many people who have had,and continue to have medical coverage and the previous mentioned assistance from various state agencies. This has been an extremely disappointing experience.

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