can i file an appeal on a decision to take my food stamps

Q) Can i file an appeal on a decision that was made today to take my food stamps away. During this pandemic if find it hard to get all the things they are requiring of me at this time.

A) If your Social Service Office denies your SNAP benefits or stops or lowers your benefits, you can ask for a fair hearing. A fair hearing, or an “appeal”, is a formal meeting in person at the local Social Service office or by phone.

You can appeal most actions benefit actions. For example, you can appeal if:

SSO Denied your application or recertification
SSO lowers your SNAP and you think it is wrong
SSO denies or ignores a request to correct a SNAP underpayment (under-issuance)
SSO does not increase your SNAP (for example, when your income goes down or someone has moved into your household).
SSO denies or ignores your request to accommodate a disability. See What if a disability makes it hard for me to apply or comply with DTA rules?.
SSO says you have been denied but never sends you written notice.
SSO says you were overpaid SNAP benefits

Please call your local SSO or State SNAP benefits office and request your fair hearing.

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