Can I get more SNAP benefits if I already receive benefits?

unemployed_questionA) It is possible to receive more SNAP benefits if your circumstances change or if you experience a significant decrease in income. You can contact your local SNAP office to request a recalculation of your benefits. Additionally, if you experience a sudden emergency or disaster, you may be eligible for expedited SNAP benefits. It’s important to keep in mind that SNAP benefits are designed to provide only a portion of your food budget, so you should not rely solely on SNAP benefits to meet all of your food needs.

Only if your are eligible for more benefits. If you are already a SNAP recipient, you cannot receive additional benefits unless you are eligible for more benefits. The amount you receive each month depends on things like the number of people in your household, income, and resources (cash, bank accounts, etc…). Households are expected to spend some of their income on food. You can find more information about how benefits are calculated here.

If you think there has been a mistake with your case and your benefit amount is incorrect, you have the right to a hearing. During the hearing, a person not involved with your case with review it. S/he will review the facts fairly and fix any mistakes. To ask for a hearing, you can go to your local office, call the office, or send a written request.

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