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  1. I got approved for disability effective January 2017. I notified Robertsdale Alabama food stamp location and they asked me to send a copy of my award letter I also sent a letter from the gentleman that I rent a room from in what I pay for rent and half the utilities and I also sent a copy of my phone bill left the number of they needed any more information then I got a letter almost a month later stating I’m denied because I failed to provide the information that they requested. This is the second time that this has happened to me now I try to call the food stamp office and all you hit you have to know the extension in order to talk to a person you used to could look them up in by name by a directory now you can’t even contact them and have to get somebody to drive me there so I’m calling the state DHR office to make a major complaint my case number my case number is 02007 9494 Gaskin employee number 217 is my caseworker I would very much like a response to this because 80% of my check goes directly to the rent until the utilities but of course I still have other credits which they don’t take into consideration

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