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  1. The way that the Department of Human Services located at 2753 W North Avenue in Chicago, IL., is being managed will leave you in awe. After waiting in line for over an hour just to get to the front desk to “check in” is ridiculous enough, but then, to be told “you have not waited long enough,” by an actual case worker, and then advised to return the following day to wait longer just to have your issue resolved is flabbergasting. If the office is shorthanded, why not recruit people who are willing to help just to ensure that people are not wasting their time in line? I understand their is a need for case workers, then why not hire more at this location to expedite the entire process? Their is literally, three people at the front desk, who does not seem to know how to handle the long lines, and then once you are “checked in” you have to wait about 2 hours before you are able to see a caseworker. This lack of attention to all citizens is abhorrent and something needs to change. The management needs to come up with an efficient way to take care of the multitude of people looking to get assistance or simply have their questions answered without having to miss an entire day of work.

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