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  1. I recently quit my job to go to law school. I am a single sole parent of a 7 yr old. Law school was over an hour from my house but I was commuting. I quit on Aug 4th and school started on aug 17th and I filled out an application online on Aug 22. I did my interview over the phone, had to step out of a class since the call was late. I explained the situation and what was going on. He stated he would send me a letter saying I needed certain forms and to turn them in. I got that and printed off all forms needed. I send letter for my old supervisor, she gave it to HR who sent it to their company that does income and employment verification for them. I tried to wait to get that information and gave up on date papers were due. I went to drop them off on 9/8/17 and there was no drop box for me to get to at 615am. I called the case worker and left a message asking what I could do, that he knew I had class and my son had school so being at the office that was an hour away from me is hard. No one called me back. So that evening I dropped them in the post office receptacle. I called again two more times before 9/27 and got no answer or return call. I had the opportunity to move in Sept so on 9/15-9/19 I was packing and moving. I relinquished my keys on 9/19. Apparently, he called my landlord who told him I had moved on the 12th. I have emails to prove she new otherwise. But based on that information he did not call me, he did not try to call and verify job or talk to the employment office which is two floors down from him. He instead just denied it and sent to a known wrong address. I called him again on the 29th to see how things were going and he answered this time and he explained he spoke to landlord. I explained I had been calling but no one called me back but that I had moved to Fayetteville on the 19th. He said I would get a letter but that he was done with my case. I was upset being a single parent making the biggest move and choice in my life, just trying to better myself and my son. Why couldnt he just call me back any of those times? Now he says I must reapply here, ok it is now Oct. And it will take another month or more for us to get a decision here. So my son and I have no income and no help for what looks like will be about 5 months. Now I thought these college educated people were supposed to be her to help us out. Instead he doesnt want to help me at all just wants me to move on. I feel he is responsible for process this app with the beginning date then transferring it to my new county. He has made me feel like I am wrong and I am stupid. He told me I should have called or told the operator or filled out a change of address form. I explained again I had called multiple times and he didnt answer and didnt call me back. I explained I wouldnt tell an operator any personal information, they are an operator not a case worker and that I didnt know anything about the change of address form. I have since checked and it is not mentioned on the application at all. I found one online and it states I can call or email the office above, indicating the empty box where the office stamp information would go. So tell me how would I know to do that? I am stressed beyond belief to be going to law school and have a child. I am stressed with moving. I do not need this added stress!! I am still a resident of this state and they were my county for 28 years! I do not deserve this and neither does my son.

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