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How to transfer my snap benefits from ohio to georgia?

Q) What do I need to do to transfer my snap benefits from ohio to georgia?

A) Reporting changes for SNAP requires that you report a change at your application, re-determination or FS IR. It is ILLEGAL to receive SNAP in more than one state though and can be punishable to a 10 year disqualification from the program.

You need to cancel your SNAP benefits in the state you are currently receiving and then call the state in which you are moving to and inform them of your move to their state and when your SNAP is ending in the state you came from. If you dont have your driver license or ID card in the new state you can always prove your move by a rent receipt or a bill or something showing you are now living in their state. Source:

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Applying for Food Stamp or SNAP benefits

To apply for Food Stamp or SNAP benefits contact your local (SNAP) food stamp office office. Each State program has their own application form. If your State’s form is not on the web yet, you may need to contact your local food stamp office to request one.

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  1. I applied for food stamps and have tried every number and can’t get through. I need food stamps to feed me and my child. I have no way of going or I would of went straight to the office

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