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On FoodStampOffice.US you can search and find your local Food Stamp Office along with contact information as well as state websites where you can apply for your food stamp (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – SNAP) benefits online. This non government food stamp office locator website provides general information on the SNAP Program.

Key features of this online service allows you to ask questions about your state food stamp benefit programs. All answers to questions asked are carefully researched to find the best response. You can also share with others your experience at your local food stamp office.


How Does The Food Stamp Program Work?

For low income people seeking supplemental food stamp nutrition assistance for their families, SNAP provides the largest food assistance program in the entire United States. If you are in a low income household you can visit you local food stamp office and apply for monthly benefits to help pay for the cost of your food.

SNAP works with your local state agencies, nutrition educators, and neighborhood and faith-based organizations to ensure that those eligible for nutrition assistance can make the right decisions when applying for food stamp benefits.

Food Stamp (SNAP) Provides Nutrition Assistance To Needy Familiesfood-stamp-image-people

FOOD STAMP provides help for families with children whose parents or responsible caregiver cannot afford to provide for the family’s basic nutritional needs. State, territorial, and tribal governments administrate their own Food Stamp program. SNAP food stamps can be used to buy food items in supermarkets, convenience stores, and farmers’ markets. If you need to apply for food stamp benefits, you need to contact your state, territory, or tribal (SNAP) food stamp office directly or apply on your state social service benefit website.

SNAP (Food Stamp) Is A Federally Funded Program 

SNAP (Food Stamp) is federally funded and provides monthly benefits to low-income households to help pay for the cost of food. Any us resident can visit their local food stamp office and apply for benefits. The program helps poor and low income house holds with limited income. A household can be one person living alone or a family or several unrelated individuals living together who purchase and share meals together.

Apply For Food Stamp at you local Food Stamp Office Or Online

To apply for Food Stamp or SNAP benefits contact your local (SNAP) food stamp office office. Each State program has their own application form. If your State’s form is not on the web yet, you may need to contact your local food stamp office to request one.

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Applying for Food Stamp or SNAP benefits

To apply for Food Stamp or SNAP benefits contact your local (SNAP) food stamp office office. Each State program has their own application form. If your State’s form is not on the web yet, you may need to contact your local food stamp office to request one.

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  1. i live in oberlin, louisiana so that makes my office in allen parish. I’m unsure why this office is even still open and how these people get paid for refusing to help anyone they are some of the rudest people ive ever delt with their answer to everything is normally “i have no idea what youre talking about” or just a rude “i dont know”!! I always thought the computer in the front office is their for u to go in and do your snap application online if u dont have access to one of your own and also thought they was in the office just incase you arent fimilar with computers ect… ooooh no dont ask these ladies for any help they make u feel stupid they indirectly tell u to pretty much figure it out!! im lucky bc i have lots of knowledge with computers but ive been in that office and witnessed on more than 1 occasion how they speak to certain types of ppl, they need to understand that majority of us hate that we need gov assistance so we drop our pride bc we dont have any other choice then to go in their & get talked to like bc youre applying and or getting assistance that you’re lower of a human than they are!! i started helping ppl in my community apply online bc i hate seeing anyone get treated the way ive witnessed its so sad!!i went one day just to ask for a paper application & they lady told me with a mouth full of potato chips they dont have paper applications but i think what she didnt have was the ability to move to get it bc how dare i interupt her daily snack time!!!!

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